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PDLC Self Adhesive Electric Smart Film
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Product: Views:78PDLC Self Adhesive Electric Smart Film 
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Last updated: 2018-05-20 07:10

Self adhesive smart PDLC film (polymer dispersed liquid crystal film) which is a kind of high-tech product can switch from transparent to opaque instantaneously under electricity application. It is transparent when power on and it is opaque when power off. It can be regulated and adjusted the light transmittance pass through the film by electricity supply.

Self adhesive smart PDLC Film is composed of PET film, ITO film, polymer and liquid crystal molecules. When the film is under off state, the randomly aligned liquid crystal molecules stay along on the walls of capsule, the reflection of liquid crystal molecules and polymer makes light disperses then it is opaque. While electricity supplied, these molecules arrange themselves in a specific direction then parallel light can pass through the film makes it transparent.

Self adhesive smart PDLC Film principle & structure

PDLC Smart Film Products Feature

1. Switchable privacy protection.

2. Safety: Smart glass qualified all the safety performance of laminated glass.

3. Good heat resistance and energy saving effect.

4. Fine sound insulation

Following are general parameters about our smart film:

Visible light transmittance

ON>80%, OFF>55%

Parallel light transmittance

ON>78%, OFF<3%


ON<6%, OFF>90%

UV blocking


IR blocking


Operating voltage


Power consumption


Switching speed

ON-OFF <20ms, OFF-ON <200ms

Life time

>10 years

Viewing Angle


operating temperature

-30℃ to 50℃

Max width

self-adhesive smart film: 1500mm

Laminated smart film/smart glass: 1800mm

Adhesive interlayer material


Structural Interlayer material


Thickness and Maximum Size:

Thickness: 0.36mm

Maximum size:

For self-adhesive type: 1.5*50meter

For non-adhesive type: 1.8*50meter

For Self-adhesive type, you can stick on current glass

For non-adhesive, normally for laminated smart glass, projection screen and so on!

Application: Conference rooms, Partitions, Windows and Doors, Front entranceways, Bathrooms, Projection Screen, Monitor room, Hospital, Museum, Exhibition hall, Jewelry shop, Bank, etc.