• Surgical Cotton Balls
    Surgical Cotton Balls
    Surgical cotton ball is completely made of medical level absorbent cotton fiber, which is excellent absorbency and soft, without any loose and irritation. It is widely used in the medical field for below major applications: 1.Cleaning wounds, with/without


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  • Paracetamol Infusion
    Paracetamol Infusion
    Paracetamol has analgesic and antipyretic effects similar to those of aspirin. However, it has no anti-inflammatory effect and does not share the antirheumatic properties of the salicylates. It is rapidly and practically completely absorbed from the gastr


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  • Beer Brewing Systems
    Beer Brewing Systems
    beer brewing systems The following brewery system configuration lists is 10bbl for your reference , we can design the make variety barrel(bbl ) commercial beer brewing equipment , please kindly contact to us if you need a brewery system . Specification: P


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